The 2009 Carp Season – Joy Lakes round-up…

2009 has ended just as it began here at Joylake – frozen solid!

Unfortunately the weather has meant the postponement of our planned winter netting until later in the year – watch this space for further updates……

Anyway, we wanted to go back to the warmer months of 2009, and a record a few of our fondest memories from our first year with Angling Lines:

The season got underway in April and saw the first appearance of the year for ‘Two-Tone’, our most distinctive ‘30’, to Nick Cruse – (his new PB!) Nick cast a bright pink pop-up into the margins of ‘Pads’ swim after spotting a feeding fish & it tore off with it after less than 5 minute… read more here.


One thought on “The 2009 Carp Season – Joy Lakes round-up…

  1. darren says:

    hi neil we were there in june ,we were the ones with keiran and martin this is my new email .please send any new info on lake please

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