The carp are starting to feed at Lillypoool

French carping at Lillypool

29lb common for Jay the bailiff

It’s Sunday March 6th and the weather is finally warming up over here. The nights are still cold, almost into minus figures, but during the day you can feel the heat in the morning sun and things are starting to wake up… animals and plants alike. The temperature has been getting up to 15 degrees c, which for the beginning of March is pretty good.

Winter carp from Lillypool


Anyway with this in mind I have been feeding the carp & with signs that the fish were starting to move I decided to pull in a short session.

Putting one rod on each of the baited spots, in less than 4hrs, I had a fish of each of the spots. They were on the pellet and boilie big time… it was all over me and the unhooking mat. The fish were 22,27 and 29lb.

With little bailiff on hand to do the honours with the camera for the last two, hook holds treated with carp care, they all swam off to fight another day.

See you soon, Jay.


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