The Importance of Having a European Health Insurance Card

Anthony Brown fishing the week of 6th July here at Genets discovered just how important it is to have a current European Health Insurance Card (EHIC ) with you when fishing in France.

On Wednesday morning while threading a dumbbell boilie with a long barbed baiting needle the needle went into the end of his finger, try as he might to remove it there was no way it would budge & his finger just started to swell. It was off to the “Urgences” dept at Fougeres hospital we went armed with his EHIC & passport.  On arrival he was dealt with very swiftly, copies of his EHIC & passport were taken followed by an x-ray & a blood test to check if he needed a tetanus jab, the needle was then removed, the finger cleaned & dressed & within a couple of hours he was back at the lake putting his rods back out.

Do please always remember to get your European Health Insurance Card before travelling to France, they are free & very easy to apply for online or by telephone & can save you from receiving a hefty bill to pay once you return home.

Genets Carp Fishing France

On a lighter note Anthony also celebrated his 26th Birthday here & achieved a new PB Carp of 34lb 9oz!

 For more information on Genets follow the link Carp Fishing France


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