The Key To Fishing Laroussi

An update from Mehdi on the trials and tribulations of  the last few weeks at Laroussi.

Anthony, fishing Laroussi this week, had a big problem after arriving on Saturday. His daughter accidently locked the van with the keys inside. With all his gear now locked inside that made it impossible to set up and fish! I managed to find him blankets, a bedchair and cooking stuff etc. After having a think we finally found the solution by getting a new key made at Ford directly. I took him the surprise that morning, he jumped on me he was so happy!

So, the above meant no fishing for the first 48hrs. He cast out this morning, first bite was a 60lb 2oz mirror! A new PB! He then followed this up with a further 68lb and a 43lb mirror. Wow.

Laroussi Carp Fishing in France


Colin, arriving the week after, during his first night on Laroussi had 2 fish in a row :  a 57lb and 60lb! Conditions are extremely windy here now, big waves, ideal for catching fish.

And last but not least the Old Oaks team last week had a super week with 26fish out, 16 forties and 2 fifties ! They will send the feedback shortly. Mehdi

Laroussi Big Carp Fishing in France

Anthony – 68lb

For more information on Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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