The Lamb Families week at Watersmeet carp lake

Watersmeet – dreams are made of this!

Arrived about 4’ish on Sunday with the weather a little overcast. Unpacked & put a rod out down near the house & within an hour I had my first fish from Watersmeet, a lovely 8lb Koi (first ever one!) After some dinner popped over to the small lake to try my luck! Very easy takings over there just a small PVA bag and any boilie and the fish are yours! Took a 4lb 5oz & 5lb Common within 40mins.

Monday.  Peg 2.  6.30am till 2pm

Nothing from peg 2 at all! Put everything tight to margins but not a sausage! Moved over to peg 1 after lunch (3pm’ish) used same tactics and put right hand side closer to the lilies, 6.30pm and a nice 8lb 5oz Common followed by an 8lb Koi & 8lb Common a bit later on 10pm’ish.

Tuesday.  Peg 1. 7.30am till 1.30pm.

Was a little worried with the size of fish I was pulling out yesterday that I might not be able to get the bigger fish to bite! Well that all changed around 10.30when I pulled out a massive 38lb 4oz (PB) Biggest fish I’ve ever had was early 20’s so it was awesome to grab something like this!! 30 minutes later 13lb Mirror again same place under trees opposite the 1st swim. Ended off with a nice 9lb 2oz Koi about 1pm.

Wednesday.  Peg 1. 8am till 1.30pm.

Well thought after yesterday it could only get better! Nothing from 8am till 1.30pm not even a beep! Then just as I was about to change everything and move to the small lake just to hear a run my middle rod went straight off to get me another 31lb Common from under the trees!

Moved over to the little lake for a couple of hours and let the missus pull out a 9lb & 9lb 2oz Common.


Today I taught my Dad & soon to be Father-In-Law to fish from the small lake! Had great fun, neither had really fished before or even held a fish but really enjoyed it & had a competition for 2 hours catching 9 fish between them. Just popped it either side of the swim fired a few pellets over the bait & Bob’s your Uncle!!

Friday. Peg 1.  7am till 12.30pm.

Nothing from 7am till 12.30, was very boring! Decided to move up to the dam wall for the first time and I passed the rods over to my Partner Samantha for the rest of the day. 10 minutes in after she cast a PVA bag of pellet and boilies a run!! Got it closer in and it was a big especially for her, 32lb 11oz.  Amazing, her PB easily!!

Gave up after that really but very happy none the less.

Came to Watersmeet to catch our PB’s and it all came true. Overall we could not ask for more of a venue, first time in France fishing and will be back for more!

House is great, everything you need and Fougeres is a nice town with some good restaurants.

Thanks to all the team at Angling Lines & Heather & Larry.


The Lamb Family.


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