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Despite the onset of spawning, Mario Pieters had an enjoyable week at Golden Oak, here’s his feedback report;

Holiday date: Sat 17th May to Sat 24th May 2014
Name of customer: Mario Pieters
Number of anglers: 3

Details of your catches: 4 catches, all mid 30 lb, in very good condition, beautiful carp!
It was a challenge to catch some carp this week, due to the combination of spawning carp and very bad weather conditions.

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: 20mm boilies, Ghurkka Spice, pimpel pops and 15mm pop-up of Quest Baits. Ground bait; own mix of Dick.

Were the facilities what you expected? Dick and Joe are lovely people and really make you feel welcome and at home. The gite and surrounding are fantastic!
Were you happy with them? Very happy.

Accommodation facilities (rated 1-5): 
Accommodation cleanliness (rated 1-5): 
Accommodation overall (rated 1-5): 

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? Yes
Would you recommend our services to a friend? Yes

General comments: Great place to stay, able to combine fishing with family holiday. All facilities are beautiful and Dick and Joe are both lovely people!

Golden Oak Carp Fishing Holidays


Golden Oak Carp Fishing Holidays


Golden Oak Carp Fishing Holidays


For more information on Golden Oak follow the link – Fishing Holidays


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