The Most Unusual Carp Capture of 2012?


Stephen Knight fished Old Oaks w/c Sat 1st Dec.  Fishing was hard & he only had one carp all week… but surely caught in one of the most unconventional methods – on a lure!

The Lure that Caught the Mirror CarpOver to Stephen to explain;

“Fishing was hard as we had some bad frost’s, down to -6c.  There were still fish moving , but they were not interested in feeding much.

I took along a small ABU bait casting outfit for a bit of fun if the fishing was slow & I caught a small jack pike. I changed to a small red and white jig head and hooked up first cast into something big, which I first thought was a massive pike.  But it was pulling back too much for a pike so I thought that maybe it’s one of the cats.

I was well sup prised to see its was a mirror carp when I got it to the surface.  The jig must have landed right in front of it on the bottom because as as soon as I started to retrieve it went tight.

I had never heard of this happening before, but when Mehdi came to take photos, he said he had heard of it before but not with a fish of this size.  It’s a first for me and will probably never happen again.  Bloody amazing!”

Carp France at Old Oaks


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