The Old Oaks record tumbles – a magnificent 52lb common carp

Congratulations to Luke Czerpak who has just caught the new lake record for Old Oaks – a magnificent common of 52lb!

It was an awesome fish, as you can see above… 1m long with a huge tail, nice dark color and torpedo shape – perfect!

That’s the very first 50lb’er off Old Oaks. We knew the magic barrier will fall this season and now it’s done!

Before this fish Luke’s common PB was 22lb.  He also caught 2 other forties, 4 high thirties and a 29lb’er.

During Lukes week the weather was sunny and hot (26°C) with a good northerly wind. Feeding spells were between 1pm and 4pm and 1am to 6am.  He reported that each fish fought very hard and stayed deep right up to the net.

36lb linear carp

36lb linear carp for John Czerpak

Also congratulations to John Czerpak for the new lake record Linear and PB at 36lb.

Since March Old Oaks has produced a string of great fish – every week forties have been landed including 3 weeks ago when Barry Warren landed the lake record mirror at 49lb 1oz.

There’s no doubt that Old Oaks is going to become a very sought after venue.


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