Planning Your Carp Fishing Holiday – Three Useful Tools


So you’ve booked your next French carp fishing trip, studied the photos and read the catch reports. These three handy tools will help you take care of the rest.


1. Measure Distances


Want to find out the distances from a particular swim to a feature you’ve had your eye on? This website allows you to measure distances using an aerial view of the lake. You’ll just need to enter the co-ordinates for the lake (which we provide on your info pack once your holiday is booked).

Check it out here – Measure Carp Lake Distances.


2. Via Michelin


Via Michelin is great for giving you an indication of the toll charges and fuel costs on the drive down to your chosen lake. Check it out here – Via Michelin



3. An Equipment Checklist


A few years ago now one of our bloggers, Pat Gillett, published the equipment list he uses when packing for a French fishing trip. Yours may differ slightly but it is a fantastic point of reference and may jog a few memories so that stuff isn’t forgotten. You can find it here – What To Take Carp Fishing in France



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