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Laroussi questions from Chris Evans;

Dear Shaun,

I have booked to visit Laroussi from 14th August for a week. I have booked the lake on an exclusive basis but may only go with 4 anglers.  I know you’ve fished Laroussi before so I wondered if you could answer a few questions for me;

Could you possibly give me any advice on visiting the venue at that time of year and whether 4 anglers is enough to cover all areas.

Shaun with a fine Laroussi mirror from his session there in 2006

4 anglers in my mind would be spot on – plenty of space but enough lines to keep the fish moving.

The Angling Lines forum pages relate to using non fishmeal based boilies due to prolific catches of sturgeon and cats yet Medhi’s short intro on your video states that there are only 10 sturgeon present?

Problem with Sturgeon they just carry on feeding. I spent a night at La Treiche a few years back – there were only 10 sturgeon in there but I managed 10 captures the first night , Lee Jackson had one, Martin Ford had a couple, Simeon Bond had one and so on. I have seen the same sturgeon caught several times a day. I have fished Laroussi a few times and never caught one there. It’s pellet they really like so I have always avoided using them. Great fun to catch if you haven’t caught them before but they tend to trash your swim taking all your lines out and anyone elses who may be close by. They fight real hard and the stiff shark like fins pick up the lines all the time.

I have looked through your site at the bait range and would like some advice on what goes in most weeks and what would be most productive at this time of year.

Definitely the Rahja Spice – this has accounted for so many fish there. I have also caught there on the Fruity Trifle. For what it is worth I have had most action to small 10mm baits.

Any swim info that you may have also on swim choice would be very much appreciated.

The fish move a fair bit and I would be more than happy to sit in Le Chene, L’ Anse or La Pointe in no particular order. Each swim will give a lot of options.

Final point the Laroussi fish have seen it all and tend to be very angler aware – this is why a few anglers fishing helps to keep them moving around the lake. Try and keep the lines out of the way as much as possible (slack’ish) and try and pick casting and baiting times for those periods of the day the fish don’t appear to be feeding or at least at different times to your friends. This way when they do their casting the fish will spook and hopefully end up in your undisturbed swim.

Best of luck, Shaun Harrison.


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