Trip to Boux – Nan’s Parting Gift

53lb 10oz

Derek Ryley, from Liverpool, took his three sons (Joshua 19, Liam 17 and Louis 13) to Boux at the wish of his Nan, Sally Latimer, who gifted them money for the trip prior to her passing away.

The  family group, had a fantastic result taking 63 carp which included, 4 x 50’s, 14 x 40’s, 39 x 30’s and 4 x 20’s. Sure to say, their Nan had blessed the trip in more ways than one, and surely couldn’t have given them anything better.

“All the carp we caught we dedicated to my Nan. Each of us caught a fifty, so it really was a great trip and a memory of someone and somewhere very special.”  Derek Ryley

Carp fishing in France at Boux


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