Tying Knots in Korda Hybrid Stiff hooklink

Here’s two knots I promised to show you;

To tie a loop in your Hybrid Stiff hooklink

This knot is incredibly simple. Just tie two overhand knots and gently pull tight, preferably over the steam from a kettle, or underwater to keep maximum knot strength.

Tying to a ring swivel.

This is the other simple knot, that Co showed me for tying the Hybrid Stiff to a ring swivel. It works on grip and tension on the actual hook link material. It is very important to lay the tag end to the side when you gently pull it all tight.

As with all knots, practise first! Only use them once you are confident you are tying them correctly and they look right. If in doubt, cut it off and start again.

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Cheers, Jake & the dogs.


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