Video: Cailleaux, A True Runs Water in France

We welcomed Cailleaux to the Angling Lines group early in 2020. We’ve worked with owner Sebastien Vasseur for many years now on the very successful Blue Lake and more recently Lepinet too.

Jamie Bellhouse visited the lake for a few days in October and filmed this video for us.

Jamie visited Cailleaux in October 2020

Cailleaux lake, at 5 acres, is smaller than the Vasseur’s other lakes and the fishing is action-packed with plenty of carp, catfish and sturgeon. This is a place where you can relax for a week in the knowledge that the fishing should produce well.

The five acre lake is booked for a maximum of five anglers on non-exclusive weeks but can be booked for groups of up to 7 anglers exclusively. The five double swims, all on one open bank, provide plenty of options and a very sociable layout to enjoy a holiday with friends.

The lake is a short 2hr 30 drive from the port of Caen and 4hr from Calais.

Find out more about Cailleaux here Carp Lakes in France


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