Villefond Carp of the Month for March

Carp of the month from Villefond

My fish of the month for March is not the biggest fish in the lake by any stretch but was still a special capture. So what makes the capture of a 35lb 10oz mirror in a lake full of 40’s and 50’s worthy of the title fish of the month?

Well a few things; firstly the fish was one of 2 fish caught on a short 5hr session in unseasonal cold weather.

But the main reason for this selection is that this is the first ever recorded capture of this fish. Which for an established water such as Villefond where every capture big or small is logged for reference purposes is incredible. The fact that this fish has avoided capture for so long begs the question of how many other special fish have done the same swimming and feeding undetected.

The fight itself was also strange on lifting into the fish it came straight up and jumped clean out of the water, it then continued to fight in the surface layers rolling and half jumping several times.

A truly unique fish and definitely worthy of fish of the month…

Carp Fishing in France at Villefond


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