Villefond March Review

A quick review by owner Mark Lambert;

There’s been a lot going on at Lac Du Villefond in March partly due to the fact that the lake was frozen for almost the whole month of February. March has seen the finishing touches completed on the new mobile home accommodation and this is now available for our customers to use. Also this month saw the final Villefond baits field testing sessions, the filming of a promotional DVD for Angling Lines and the arrival of the first customers of 2012.

Once again the Villefond bait range has put a lot of fish on the bank in the field testing sessions and also to our customers who have purchased and used it. The lakes catfish appear to have woken up a little earlier than usual due to the warm spell we have had and a 67lb 12oz specimen was taken on a zig rig. The filming of the DVD also went well with some fish being very co-operative for the cameras, including one very special one which leads nicely into my next section.


51lb mirror carp

Bennett’s at 51.04

Fish of the month

Its time for my fish of the month section and despite plenty of nice fish being tempted to the bank including lots of 40’s, for me the decision for fish of the month has been an easy one.

The capture took place during the filming of the promotional DVD and was all caught on film, adding to this special capture – you can see the video here .

The fish was Bennett’s and the reason for this being my fish of the month is not only because it was caught on film but also she broke the 50lb Barrier for the 1st time at 51lb+, becoming the lakes 4th known 50.

Again she demonstrated the cunning of these big Villefond fish and the bite was nothing more than a few beeps and some heavy twangs on the rod tip. She fought slow and deep and you only have to watch the video clip to see how huge she looked.

Bennett’s was stocked in 2008 as a low 20 and a year and half later was banked for the first time at a whopping 34lb it seemed then that she was destined to become one of the lakes biggest fish. She took a little longer to reach 50lb+ than we expected, mainly due to her tendency to get heavily involved in spawning activities. With her huge depth across her shoulders and massive frame there is no limit to what weight she may achieve in the future she is a real brute of a fish.

In the 4 years since Bennett’s was stocked she has more than doubled in weight and has become a real character and one of the real target fish in the lake. Definitely a worthy fish of the month.

Carp Fishing in France at Villefond


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