Villefonds New Carp Bait Range

42lb mirror falls to the new Villefond 2013 bait

The 2012 season saw the Villefond bait range really excel and it definitely landed more fish than any other bait.

Every winter I feed the fish with a new flavour boilie and ever improving quality bait. I choose new flavours because over the year the fish get caught on the same popular choices and eventually start to become cautious of those baits. So over the quiet winter periods I choose my new bait after extensive field testing then I put lots of bait in so the fish can feed without fear of being caught.

This gets the fish keying into the smell of the house bait and then, once found, they know it’s a good food source. By the beginning of the 2013 season the bait will the best bait to use on the lake.

We are constantly looking to improve our bait firstly for the benefit of our fish and secondly to help anglers catch them. So I spend a long time field testing the flavours and using the knowledge of what has worked best in the past, I have come up with my main two flavours;

  • Supreme Blood Worm
  • Plum Nut

The ingredients I use are the absolute best because cutting corners will ultimate only effect our fish growth. Last year saw our fish continue to grow really healthy and put on great weight gains and this new bait is even better.

I will be able to offer different flavours if you contact me in advance… but these two will be the ones I will for the most part feed the fish with.

Please contact me via the Forum with any questions regarding bait or anything else.

The above picture is  just one of the carp caught during the start of my field testing of these new baits.

Happy Fishing!

Mark (fisheries manager)

Carp fishing in France at Villefond


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