Watersmeet carp lake is netted

The day arrived & Lauren was nice and early… let the netting begin!

We also thought that we would do a stock take at the same time, as disaster had struck back in April.  Contrary to rumour and speculation we had lost a third of our fish due to the early hot weather, which made the water temperature rise considerably and as the fish’s immune system had not kicked in it had a disastrous effect.  It certainly was not from poisoning by one of the local farmers, which has been mischievously intimated.


Larry at work…

As lunch time approached the net was out and they were starting to gather it in.  Larry the bailiff who was supposed to be taking things easy (knee probs) couldn’t help himself and ended up driving the tractor while the others gathered the net in for him to pull up the bank (boys and toy’s comes to mind, see photo).

We had given it much thought and deliberation as to whether we should remove the Cat Fish from the lake, as over the last few years they had grown to some considerable size.

Lunch over the first Cat is out, Lauren is happy he shouts we have the big one, a hefty 74lb.
The other 2 are still in the net, but he thinks they are not as big as the first.



Carp fishing France at Watersmeet

One of the big cats…

Number 2 comes out and behold it’s another 74lb

Number 3… a 75lb Cat!

….. and now I’m on the phone to Mick (he had to stay at home business commitments) what should we do as all three are big.

Talk about putting someone on the spot!  Decision made take them all out.

The rest of the carp that were in the net were all in pristine condition, but we were already aware of that as this year’s photos had shown that the fish in the lake where in great condition.

By now it was getting dark.  The net team packed away and Lauren came up to the house to discuss the restocking which is due to take place in November.



Carp fishing France at Watersmeet

… all the carp were in great condition




Numbers decided, size and type agreed to bring us back to last year’s stocking levels – they will arrive in early November for next seasons guests.

We will also be replacing the cats but with kittens and hopefully all the same sex!!

Watch this space… we’ll bring you all the news here.


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