Watersmeet is keeping it’s anglers busy…

Thomas Lawson was out at Watersmeet at the end of may, coming away with 35 fish on the bank…

Details of your catches: Main fish caught from far bank, tight to edge. 5 or 6 fish stalked. Fishing got very hard last few days but will pick up again. Total 35 fish caught.
Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Peg 3 corner off far bank. Cell 18mm produced all of the 30lb fish. Peg 2 far bank next to snags all baits.

French Carp at Watersmeet Fishing Holiday

26.11 – Dave Lawson

“Had a fantastic time again as this is our 2nd year at Watersmeet. We landed 35 fish & lost 10. Fishing got hard but after trying many different things the bites started to come again. “

French Carp at Watersmeet Fishing Holiday

42.12 – Dave Lawson

“The house is wonderful, home from home. It’s the perfect fishing venue for families. Great fun fishing top lake but be careful the fish can have you in the water as i found out this week on our only dry day that we had. Many thanks to Heather & Larry. The 2 Daves. “

For more information, fish photos and feedback on Watersmeet follow the link – Fishing Holiday


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