Weather to Fish?

winter carp fishing

This winter & spring is getting everyone down… rarely have we felt so depressed and it’s no wonder is it?  The meaning of the saying ‘under the weather’ suddenly becomes clear.

We can’t enthuse ourselves to get out of bed at the moment, never mind getting our heads around the fishing where in normal circumstances we would be on the bank side, feeling the spring in the air & listening to the Buzzers going off.  We are faced with snow again this weekend and simply long for a few weeks of consistently better weather.  The season in France has had a relatively poor start, with extreme elements of the weather affecting the fish feeding. There have of course been exceptions and intermittently we have had some cracking catches of notably big carp. Well done in particular to Wayne Naylor who landed a 67lb Mirror at Laroussi.

I can recall last year when the fish were on the feed very early in February and early March.  Temperatures were up and the sun was shining, what a difference this year.

So what do we have to look forward to?

Well it looks like better weather news for next week for all those lakes around Le Mans and in Normandy!  And also it’s looking up on the Eastern side too near Reims. Temperatures at night will still be low, but I must say as the weather does start to improve there will be some mighty hungry carp around so the first few weeks of good weather should mean potential bumper catches.

Long Term Forecast  –  Le Mans




Cloud Cover


24 Hr Precip



Mar 25

Partly Cloudy


8 °c

-2 °c

13 mph ENE


10 km

0.1 mm

06:52 AM

07:20 PM

Mar 26



6 °c

-3 °c

16 mph NE


10 km

0.0 mm

06:50 AM

07:21 PM

Mar 27



7 °c

-4 °c

18 mph NE


10 km

0.0 mm

06:48 AM

07:22 PM

Mar 28



7 °c

-3 °c

12 mph NE


10 km

0.2 mm

06:46 AM

07:24 PM

Mar 29

Partly Cloudy


9 °c

-1 °c

10 mph ESE


10 km

0.1 mm

06:43 AM

07:25 PM

Mar 30

Patchy light rain


9 °c

6 °c

14 mph SW


9 km

0.8 mm

06:41 AM

07:27 PM

See more here.

pic10So hang on in there… It’s been a long time coming, but the season is about to get jump started, and whilst your wet weather gear is still a must have for early April, it will be more than made up for by what you can achieve on the bank as the water temps rise.

So if you are looking to escape the doom and gloom and want a real break on a cracking lake, just give us a call, as always we will offer you our best advice and support and insight into last minute spaces available.

There are some great deals to be enjoyed and after the winter we have had …you certainly deserve it! Booking a holiday gives you a mental lift, so put your planning head on and get something booked, you’ll have a great holiday to look forward to.

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