What boilie would you recommend for Alder lake?

Hi Shaun, I’m going on an Angling Lines fishing holiday at Alder Lake in June, hooray!  This is right in the middle of France.  The Angling Lines letter gave your email address and said feel free to contact Shaun to discuss baits, so here goes…

I don’t normally use boilies as they’re not allowed in the club I belong to so any advice would be appreciated, on both the best flavours and quantity for a week.  Alder Lake stock Quest bait and I intend to pre-order some… they stock Fruity Trifle, Special Crab, Rahja Spice and Chilli-Chocolate also Dips and Pops-ups.  As I say any advice would appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Richard

Hi Richard,

I’m afraid I haven’t fished Alder although my friend Ron Key went over and really enjoyed it – you can read his article here.  He caught on Rahja Spice, Surf ‘N’ Turf and a small batch of the Chilli Chocolate I had let him have pre-release.

35.02 from Alder

Judging by that – three totally different baits would suggest to me that had he taken just one of the three then he would have probably caught just as much. Usual situation with a water you don’t know though is to try different things. Certainly the Rahja Spice has been instant wherever it has been used in the world from Texas, to France to Croatia. It’s still the bait I judge others by.

Boilie quantity wise I usually look at a couple of kilo per day as being normal on French trips with a little back-up ‘just in case’.

Hope this helps.

Best fishes, Shaun


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