What distance carp rods would you recommend?

Dean asks;

Hi there, would like your help… I’m looking to upgrade my carp rods & I’m prepared to spend up to about £600’ish.  I would like something that would give me a little bit more distance.  I’m using Wychwood 2.75 t/c rods at the mo.  Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

Reply from Shaun Harrison;

Hi Dean,

Just walked into the Angling Lines office and was confronted with “Just the man, can you answer this Blog question whilst you are here”? I do manage to pick my times 🙂

Presuming you are looking at replacing a set of 3 rods for £600 ‘ish? I have used the Free Spirit range of rods since Free Spirit started. Free Spirit are set up different to most other rod companies which gives them slightly better margins to work with which in turn reflects upon the price they are able to produce their rods for.

For less than £200 per rod I wouldn’t hesitate to look at the ‘E’ Class range. If it is distance you are looking at I would opt for a slightly heavier test curve which will cope with slightly larger leads than the 2 3/4lb test curves which will help cut through big winds etc as well as making bag work easier.

Try looking at the ‘E’ Class 3 1/4lb which is available in 12ft or 12 1/2ft versions. You will get change out of your £200 as well. The standard build with abbreviated handles comes out at £169.99 with 50mm guides (better for use with large pit size reels). The 12 1/2ft version is just a little more at £174.99

With Free Spirit you get a custom build option if you wanted. For instance you could have full cork handles for £199.99 each or full EVA at £190.99. Rods are a very personal thing so it is nice to have the option of how they are finished.

Most of the Free Spirit stockists will give you a discount for purchasing 3 rods as well (usually 10%).

Hope this helps.
Best fishes, Shaun Harrison….Now why did I pop into the Angling Lines office – oh yes, I’m off to Sapphire Lake soon 🙂


One thought on “What distance carp rods would you recommend?

  1. Jon Perkins says:

    Pick up a set of second hand Daiwa Infinity X in 2.75 or 3.5lb T/C for about £80 each or even a set of Daiwa Dictator Z’s 2.75lb T/C for even less. All brilliant long range tools. Why pay £300 for a rod ? Unless you are a very competent long range caster it won’t make a jot of difference !

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