Which is the best boilie flavour at which time of the year?

Readers Question;  Hi all,

I started making my own boilies, but a bit confused at to which flavours to use at which time of year.  One person told me fish flavours in winter and frutti in summer, then someone else told me the opposite. Any suggestions welcome.


Hi Mike,

The actual flavour has little bearing on the time of season to use it as most flavours are man made synthetics which don’t really alter the bait.

The important thing and the deciding factor is the base ingredients – the actual food content.

Basically you want to be avoiding anything that is oily during the colder months as these will congeal and trap in any attractive leakage they may have had and also make digestion of the said very difficult.

I designed all of the Quest Baits range to be effective and safe to use for 12 months of the year with the exception of Special Crab which does have quite a high oil content – this one really comes into its own during the warmest periods of the year.

The baits which have been truly outstanding during the colder months have been Fruity Trifle, Rahja Spice and Magnum White.

Hope this helps – the base ingredients are what make the difference – not the flavours they are labelled with – most artificial flavours smell of something but don’t taste of it.

Regards, Shaun Harrison, Quest Baits

This post first appeared on the Quest Baits Blog & is reproduced with kind permission.


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