Wildlife Camera at Bletiere Lake

I have for a couple of months now had a wildlife camera at Bletiere that I am able to leave out 24/7. It has the software to be able to take HD quality night time photos and videos. I have attached the first few practice videos where I have managed to capture the animals that activated the camera. As you’ll see I still need to practice as it’s not easy getting the angle and height of the camera correct when it’s strapped to trees.

The reason I bought this camera is that I was always wondering what was creeping around the woods and fields at night. I also had a lot of the fisherman who would say they heard strange noises down in the woods at night. Well now we can all see what it is!

I will post more as I perfect the videoing and as more animals show themselves, but here are a few to look at, these are all night shots. The first is a deer, the second clip is for those of you that have never seen a Coypu, here is one going back to next doors lake but luckily we don’t have many problems with them as the two dogs scare them off so they don’t hang around very often! The last clip is a fox cub that seemed to like being filmed.

Well David Bailey started needing practice,

Tight lines,
John , Owner @ Bletiere


One thought on “Wildlife Camera at Bletiere Lake

  1. Paul Cooper says:

    Hi John
    It just goes to show what we miss while asleep in our bivvies at night while tucked away in the comfort of our sleeping bags.. It’s surprising at some of the wildlife that I have witnessed over the years while being on the river and lake sides, that your non-anglers would never see.
    My love of nature is probably the main reason that go fishing so much. I’ve sat in the close proximity to otter’s, stoats, weasels, fox and cubs, badgers, corpu, deer and lots of different species of bird life including Kingfisher’s, Nuthatch, Tree Creeper, Woodpeckers, flocks of goldfinch, waxwings, to name just a few.
    Great idea of yours to try and capture some of your nocturnal visitors. Set it up for the day, it would be interesting what is about this Winter.
    Paul Cooper

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