Winter carp bait query

Brent  wrote:
I am going to La Fritterrie in november and am thinking of using either club or red herring.  Any tips please?
Hi Brent,
Not too sure what ingredients are used in Club Mix or Red Herring but would presume the Red Herring is fish meal based and possibly contains fish oils too. If this is the case I would steer clear of it at that time of the year as the natural oil content will start to solidify in the colder temperatures thus trapping in any attractors preventing them from working to their full capacity.
Oily type baits are also a major problem for the carp to digest in cold temperatures.
I would suggest checking out the ingredients in the Red Herring or run with the Club Mix or one of the other proven winter baits. From my own experience I can truly recommend Quest Baits Rahja Spice or Fruity Trifle. Both of these baits have a very long track record 12 months of the year.



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