Winter Carp Fishing & the Big Freeze

Well it looks like we are well into some really bad weather and the forecast is for more to come as the big freeze from eastern Europe now spreads across the whole of Northern Europe.  Temperatures have really fallen and I doubt there is anywhere in France that has not been affected… I know as I witnessed -17 degrees  in south eastern France only last week. What an amazing difference a year makes as last Feb and March we were basking in really warm temperatures for the time of year.

At the moment  we don’t know of a lake in France that isn’t frozen… and I have no doubt that some early bookers who are anticipating going in Feb and early March will be getting a tad nervous. But never fear. We will never knowingly send anyone to a lake that we know is frozen or likely to be frozen, so the venue owners will keep us updated and watch the forecasts closely.

All our owners are happy to amend dates and we can change the ferries too  so we can ensure the anglers get a real chance of some fish. So if you are travelling early for your trip make sure you give us a call the week before or keep in contact with the bailiff or owner by email for constant updates. Fingers crossed all will be fine, but remember all is not lost just because the weather has taken a bad turn. So If you are worried about your trip being affected  just give me a call…

A few of the lakes have sent in some interesting video updates of the frozen lakes, so take a look at this one from Notaires and you will see exactly what I mean… those summer fishing holidays seem a long way away!


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