Winter carping in France at Watersmeet

Carp fishing in France

Rewards on a cold winter day at Watersmeet

Here’s the account of Leo & Daves recent trip to Watersmeet (weekend of 14th January);

We arrived Friday, around mid-morning.  We were set up and the rods were in by midday.  Leo has the first fish on within an hour of putting his rods out, tight on bank to the left of the willow.  Unfortunately about 2mtrs from the bank it flips and it’s off!

The weather takes a turn for the worse on Friday with torrental rain and pretty much makes fishing impossible.

French carping

Dave’s 31.07

Saturday is overcast but dry.  Dave catches his first fish at 1pm… a 31lb 7oz mirror, from Swim 1, about 3/4 of the way out towards the small inlet.

The 2nd fish came at 4pm from exactly the same spot, this time an orange and black Koi @ 14 lb 5oz.

Finally at 4am we had a small 9lb common.

Sunday was sunny and clear and we only fished a few hours late in the afternoon after doing various jobs around the complex.

All fish on main lake were caught on size 8 anti eject rigs, with single cell boilies.

We fished the top lake for an hour every day after finishing on the main lake & had a couple of carp to around 5lb off the surface with bread.

A fantastic weekend on great lake… fantastic house with great facilities and some stunning fish to boot!


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