Works Update from Bletiere French Carp Lake

I have been trying to master a new video camera without a lot of success and do not seem to be getting very far with it, but I will keep persevering with it and hopefully will get there. In the meantime I thought I would just give you a quick update on how the works are going here to get ready for next year’s season.

It’s now the beginning of December and I have been lucky enough to have my brother Ernie over last week to help.  Luckily we had some good weather & we managed to get a lot of jobs done. The first thing we did was to remove and repair the bridge over the stream that was rotten.  This was a two man job as 20 foot tree trunks are heavy, but we also had the mini digger which was a God send.

Carp Lakes in France with Angling Lines

We then tackled the willow trees all along the bank in front of the island.  They grow so fast that unless to top them every year they block out all the views from the gite.  This is a very time consuming job and took nearly two days to finish.

Ernie then spent a couple of days getting the garden sorted out for me as that’s not a strong point for me – it usually has two choices… live or die!

Once all the pruning and clearing had been done we had a mega bonfire and cleared it all up.  That’s one of the good things about no neighbours – you don’t have to worry about smoke and what you burn.

Carp Lakes in France with Angling Lines

My brother left and I am now working on the swims as I want to enlarge the house swim and also clear some of the reeds and plants growing along its side.  Again the mini digger came into its own and soon made light work of the plants.

Carp Lakes in France with Angling Lines

I have also made the end wider so that when anyone fishes towards the narrow end they can, if they want, put their rods at an angle facing there.  I have also dredged the end as deep as I can and also made the right hand side a lot deeper to make it safer  for  fish release. It all looks a mess at the moment but by March when we open it will all be sorted and ready to go.

Carp Lakes in France with Angling Lines


Carp Lakes in France with Angling Lines

 Well that’s all for now.  Hopefully I will have some videos to show soon.  In the meantime tight lines to you all!


Fishing Holidays at Bletiere


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