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Carp Fishing In France Travel Requirements

France has opened its borders to all UK tourists and our carp fishing in France holidays are back on! We have compiled this list of the steps you need to take to travel, however please check the requirements yourself too because it is an evolving situation. Important: this article was last updated on the 20th May 2022. […]

Interview with an Owner – Constant at Fullys Carp Lake

We have a fantastic group of lakes on our website, which are a credit to our brilliant owners and all their hard work. Today we introduce Constant, a well regarded angler and French FOX consultant, who created Fullys Carp Lake. Fullys Lake is a 26 acre gravel pit with character. There are plenty of features […]

Glehias has a new 50lb lake record carp!

Glehias offers a tranquil carp fishing lake in the beautiful French countryside, and it is now home to 50lb+ carp too! Here’s owners Lee & Tracy with the update…. Lake Champion does it again with a 51lb Common! Van driver, author, song writer, concert stage builder, and La Gléhias veteran Saul Mulvey, here for the […]

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How To Get The Best Out Of French Carp Fishing

I think that it fair to say that most anglers that visit French carp waters expect to catch big carp and lots of them, beating their British PB’s by a fair margin. Ultimately carp behave the same in France as in England, they can be temperamental. Then when they do go on the feed anglers […]

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Owning a Carp Lake

Stocking Carp in a French Lake – 10 Things To Consider

If you’re starting your carp fishing lake business, stocking carp in a french lake is likely to be one of the biggest money outlays you make. Here’s the things I have learnt; 1. Before you even start to think about buying a lake and running your own carp fishery sit down and work out your finances The bigger […]

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