A great year’s carp fishing at Villefond

The magnificent common, Big John, at 50lb 5oz. Caught October 2010

A Happy New year to you all!  Well, it’s time for the end of year report again, it just seems to come round so fast.  In 2009 we promised bigger and better things to come at Villefond and in 2010 the lake certainly delivered.  Of course I am I am biased and when I told people what the lake can do I’m sure people tended to take it with a pinch of salt.  However, I can now show the feedback and of course that speaks for itself.

When a lot of fishermen imagine fishing in France they picture a lake full of monster carp all jumping on the hook. Few lakes can actually make that a reality, but Villefond does do so regularly.

The average carp came out weighing in at a whopping 37lb, with fish under 30lb becoming increasingly rare and fish in the 40’s not at all uncommon.

Catfish to 60lb were caught and the biggest one has not yet been caught, so anyone who feels up to the challenge of a 100lb+ catfish is more than welcome to try!

The final fish of the year was a massive 50lb common which put the perfect exclamation mark on a great year!

40.04 mirror, October 2010

With fish that sort of size and growing at near unbelievable rates you would think we wouldn’t want to rock the boat. However as fish grow bigger they grow smarter, and we want anglers of all experience to be able to break their PB’s. So this winter we are stocking some more carp, including a couple of grass carp, all around the 20lb mark.  We hope the introduction of new uncaught fish will create more competition for food without being rig shy.

Over winter we will be giving the lake a general face lift by cutting back bushes and brambles to create a little more space without losing that all important natural feel.

With 2010 being such a good year 2011 will have to go some to beat it… but as I said last year, the best is still yet to come, and with more bookings this year it can only mean more Pb’s broken for some lucky anglers!

We look forward to welcoming you at Villefond very soon.

Best regards as always, Mark, John & Debbie.


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