A mysterious sighting on Alder carp lake

As anglers we are often the butt of the jokes about exaggerating the size of the catch or the one that got away but when Marc Traylor was fishing Alder he spotted something very big swimming across the lake… and not being long back from a successful African safari was quick off the mark with his camera to catch it.
The mysterious monster turned out to be a deer that had decided to take a dip. Said Marc;
“I saw it come down for a drink and then it started swimming across.  It got most of the way to my side before it saw me and steered for the dam wall”
There was no one else around and nothing chasing it so it must have fancied a cooling dip rather than following the track around the lake.
As well as the camera Marc was pretty handy with the rest of his gear and landed  47 carp for over 1,110lb, including three thirties to 36lbs 4oz – a new PB.
Marc’s fish were caught on Fivestarbaits, especially the tuna peach and black pepper boilies (16mm)


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