Pete gets his just rewards with Bletiere’s first recorded leather carp

Bleteire’s first recorded leather carp at 28lb

As you’ll have already read on the Blog over the last week or so, husband & wife team Debbie & Pete have been fishing at Bletiere for the last 2 weeks.  They’ve enjoyed some great fishing and Debbie broke the ladies record 3 times in a week!

Not to be outdone on his last night Pete caught what is, we believe, the first leather to be caught at Bletiere… at 28lb it was a lovely fish in mint condition.

As owner John London commented;

“This is one fish we didn’t know we had.  When you have over 100 carp delivered after a while you forget what you have seen! Hopefully there may be a few more surprises to come out.”

The fact that Debbie caught more than Pete early in the session doesn’t seem to have put too much strain on their marriage – they’ve just booked for another 2 weeks next year!  Will Pete get his own back we wonder?


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